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  • Epiderm policlinics were established by Prof. Dr. Teoman Cem Kadioglu and Surg. Dr. Husniye Kadioglu as a part of Kadioglu Health Services Ltd. founded in 1993. Epiderm's all 5 branches are medical establishments that only perform Laser Epilation.

    Epiderm uses only Alexandrite laser devices for laser epilation. We do not use any other brand. Different laser types are not for different hair types, they are only for darker skin. Lasers do not give optimal results with light colored hair such as red hair, white hair as well as fine hair of any color. Therefore we advise only electrolysis in this cases.

  • What is a digital spectrophotometer and what is it good for?
    With the new advanced digital spectrophotometer device digital measurements are taken to adjust the settings of laser according to our protocols in each specific treatment. This way we can adjust to the rapidly changing skin conditions with maximum effect and minimum risk.

    Why is Alexandrite laser the best epilation laser for those with light complexion?
    (Taken from the Laser Epilation Training Center since 1948 in Rockey Mountain Laser College official website).

  • Alexandrite laser
    Most people do not have dark skin color but have dark colored hair and Alexandrite laser is the best choice for this type. Alexandrite laser reaches into the hair follicle and by destroying it brings permanent solutions without scarring or burning. The device is held 3 cm away from the skin when making a shot and is therefore completely hygenic. At Epiderm we use only Alexandrite laser for epilation. Different laser types are not for different hair types but only for darker skin. Lasers are not effective with light colored hair such as red hair, white hair as well as fine hair of any color. We only suggest electrolysis in such cases

    IPL, blue light ,photoepilation etc, are not actually laser technologies but just condensed light systems. These light systems are uncapable of destroying the hair follicle. They are considered as modern waxing methods and have only temporary response for hair removal. During the treatment these devices touch the skin posing a hygene issue. Please be aware IPL systems being used in some beauty salons are mispresented as lasers. Lasers can only be used in licensed medical institutions.

  • NdYag laser
    1064nm is the least absorbed laser energy by chromopheres thus is the least effective. Therefore energy levels have to be increased to get it effective but this causes unbearable pain in patients resulting them to abondon therapy. The most important and dangerous health hazard of this type of lasers is their risk of causing skin burns with permanent scarring

  • Diode laser
    It can only be used on dark skin for protection due to low pigment absorption rate. However, the high level of energy used during the process will inflict pain. Diode laser is effective on the surface but not recommended for coarse hair with deeper roots. The device skims the surface of the skin and can cause hygene issues.

    (Referans: Pers. Comm. Nov. 2006, Larry Kunze, M.E., President of Rocky Mountain Laser College, Inc, state certified medical laser professor)

  • Important

    The Health Department has forbidden laser epilation treatments in Beauty Salons. It can only be performed in medical establishments. Please be aware for your health and for the sake of continuing treatment.
  • Patient Comments

    Due to regulations it is forbidden to publish patient comments, pricing information and facts about laser epilation. If you want more information please write email address in the box below and press enter
  • Epiderm Team

    3 Dermatalogy specialists and a plastic surgeon are in the clinic all day for laser epilation treatment. Let's meet the Epiderm Team.
  • Laser Epilaton treatment and Scientific facts

    According to scientific and medical truth laser epilation treatment should be conducted ethically. Commercial commitments shouldn’t be made, hair and skin types must be analysed, patients should not be misguided with guarantees for definitive results.

    Laser epilation must be repeated between 4-6 sessions every two months for all body parts. Facial area with light hair should be done every other month with 6-12 laser epilation sessions. The number of sessions vary for each patient..

    Alexandrite laser emits laser light to the hair follicle which destroys growth of hair. During treatment effecive settings should be used. Lowering the effectiveness will increase the number of sessions which is unethical and should not be practised. Thus the hair will be light in structure unresponsive to laser light causing increase in number of sessions.
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